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Elōs™ Painless Hair Removal

This is the perfect solution for unwanted body hair. People with hair in places they would prefer not to have know the problems of constantly having to shave, wax or depilate. You can now put all these behind you, thanks to Elōs™ for the new, fast and painless hair removal method.

Painless and permanent hair removal

The Elōs™ technique allows for the removal of unwanted hair safely, fast and almost painlessly for both women and men. It works using a combination of light and high-frequency waves supplemented by cooling, removing your hair permanently. Incredible results can been seen after just one treatment! At the moment this is the safest technique.

Is Elōs™ safe for all skin types?

Elōs™ is exceptionally safe for all skin types compared to IPL because of the selective action allowing only the hair follicle and the hair shaft to be treated and not the surrounding tissue. It uses a lot less light to destroy the hair follicle. The cooled hand-piece ensure comfort during the treatment and chance of blisters or burns is almost zero.


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